Handicap Accessible Shower

I visited a homeowner in Chelmsford that wanted to turn their existing bathroom into a handicap accessible shower. The Homeowners had the unfortunate situation of having to take in their adult child who was unexpectedly involved in an auto accident which left him confined to a wheel chair.

I was their service contractor on a number of plumbing related repairs. When I was at the house they asked if I could do a bathroom remodel to handle their specific needs.

This bathroom remodel not only dealt with converting this full bathroom to a handicap bathroom  but we needed to utilize the space of their mechanical room which meant we needed to down size the foot print of the standard water heater. For this we converted the storage type tank water heater to a wall mount On Demand water heater.

My Dear Watson Handicap Accessible Shower Rough

My Dear Watson Handicap Accessible Shower Rough

My Dear Watson Handicap Accessible Shower Rough2

My Dear Watson Handicap Accessible Shower Rough2

A Curb Less Shower was urgently needed

The other specific need was a curb less shower area so they could roll their son into the shower.

All of this was also going to be performed in a Trailer style home. This as well added a unique set of challenges.

Limited space, curved ceiling framing, crawl space access to the plumbing and sealing the envelope to keep the access of rodents and air out. We needed to be conscious of water lines and plumbing freezing during the winter and meeting today’s building codes.

A Pocket Door was installed to all much bigger room to maneuver the wheel chair.

One other feature was to use a pocket door to help with the limited interior space from Hall way to bathroom. Allowing as much room to maneuver the wheel chair throughout the area.

Interior wall framing needed to be upgraded to handle a wall hung Handicap lavatory wall bracket.
This is key for the Handicap inhabitant to use the lavatory by themselves.

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