Looking Back

A few years back I looked into my families back ground through Ancestory.com My father had told me a few stories of my grandfather most of them being focused around him owning a garage and being a mechanic.

What I discovered on Ancestory.com was that my Grandfather Thomas Gauntlett was a Pipe fitter from his early twenties as written in his profession. One of the other stories I remember being told was that my Grandfather always had work; which then made sense, because he was part of the boom industry of Steam Heating.

We skipped a generation of Plumber

It was a pleasure to be able to have a conversation with my father Gordon Thomas Gauntlett Sr. about more of our family history seeing that even my father didn’t know this about his Dad.

When I was a young boy taking apart mechanical machines and finding out how they worked, or building go karts and working on my bike or as I grew helping my mother around the house by tearing apart the rotten deck to re build it these very complex things to some seemed to come naturally to me.

As a young apprentice when clients would meet me they would ask how I got into the plumbing field. Was my father a plumber, I would quickly reply no he is a salesman. Of course this would make them laugh and walk away shaking their heads. As I grew into the Plumbing, Heating and cooling profession it dawned on me why they asked this type of question! A large number of the largest Plumbing companies in America are passed down through generations, in my case we skipped a generation which happens with a lot of things in our genealogy.

I was born to be a Plumber

During the Golf season one of the commercials they run is of the golfers from the time they were two or three year’s old holding or hitting a golf ball. The saying is these guys are born for this

I don’t know if my son Gage Thomas Gauntlett will follow in mine and his Great Grandfather’s path but I do know he is well aware of what his father dose for a living and it has been common to hear him asking from the time he was three, can we go build something? I know his Great Grandfather would be as proud as I am today.

I believe we are all born for what it is that we do, how we get there or how we discover it is what makes the journey ours and unique to us.