Spray Foam Insulation during a Bathroom Remodeling

Even in a two wall exposed bathroom remodel I still like to have all of the outside walls sprayed with spray foam insulation closed cell insulation.

Foam Insulation Keeps Cost of Heating and Cooling Down

Most clients that know of me know that I speak of spray foam and its value to help control the overall life expectancy cost of heating and cooling their home down.

Benefits of Foam Insulation

If you have had me out to your house to look at upgrading to a higher efficient heating system or adding A/C you know I like to look at the attic so I can speak on behalf of the benefits of spray foam insulation.

I relate it to what we will eventually pay in fuel for the life of the vehicles we own.
It usually doubles what we paid for the vehicles?

If your heating or cooling system produces heat or A/C and we can keep that heat or cooling in the envelope of the house longer we have just increased the heating efficiency and he cooling efficiency of the equipment.

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