What Makes a Toilet Leak?

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The 4 most common reasons are fairly easy to diagnose.

  1. Toilet is running
  2. Toilet is constantly filling
  3. The floor is wet
  4. I have condensation on my tank.

These are fairly easy leaks because they are noticeable leaks.

When a toilet is running it usually means you have a problem with the Fill valve.
The toilet is constantly filling usually means you have a problem with your flapper.
The floor is wet around the toilet could be leaking from the tank to bowl or it might be leaking from under the toilet.

The tougher leaks to diagnose might be a hair line crack in the trap wear of the toilet or even at the Horn at the exit point of the toilet.

These types of leaks are much harder to determine unless you pull the toilet or add dye to the bowl?

With most houses being on city sewage,  homeowner’s are being charged twice for the water coming into their house. This covers the drainage side of the city sewage expense.

This can also add up if you have a few leaking plumbing fixtures in your house.

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