Leaking Garbage Disposal

I visited Dawn in Bedford, Massachusetts that had two plumbing issue’s; one with her leaking garbage disposal and the other with the toilet that was leaking in her bedroom.
She had a kitchen sink with a 15 year old garbage disposal which was leaking.
Her master bathroom’s toilet was leaking as well.

After a quick assessment I noticed that the garbage disposal was leaking from inside the unit and not the outside.
This problem is usually related to the garbage disposal rotting out on the inside.

After pulling down the unit I found that the leaking was actually caused by the port on the side of the garbage disposal.
The dishwasher’s drain was broken on the side of the appliance.

I brought a new 10 year warranty Pro Insinkerator 750 Stainless Steel disposal.

My Dear Watson Plumbing Insinkerator 750 Garbage Disposal

My Dear Watson Plumbing Insinkerator 750 Garbage Disposal

I installed the new unit and explained to Dawn how the unit worked.

My Dear Watson Garbage Disposal Replacement

My Dear Watson Garbage Disposal Replacement

I also gave her general maintenance ideas to keep it running flawlessly.
The Insinkerator garbage disposal comes with a service wrench to use on the underside of the unit if you need to turn off the disposal manually.
Also included is a very cleaver breaker switch, that pops out automatically if the motor is jammed.

Leaking Toilet

We then moved to the Master Bathroom. I quickly noticed that the toilet was leaking at the supply tube; the toilet was not installed properly.
The water line was not roughed-in correctly ad the plastic tube was pulled beyond its cut length.
To fix the problem I installed a stainless steel flex supply tube.
It helped with the distance away and alleviates the strain on the supply tube.
In the process I also found out that one of the tank-to-bowl bolts (which secure the tank to the bowl) was leaking.
I fixed it immediately.

Dawn was very happy.