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Boiler Tune-up in 5 Steps

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A smart Boiler Tune-up is accomplished in 5 steps Today's heating system are like setting a Ferrari up on the wall of your basement and not ever giving it a wash? Most manufactures will tell you they would like to have the boiler serviced every year. Personal experience and practical application says it can

4 Signs That Your Toilet is Leaking

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What Makes a Toilet Leak? The 4 most common reasons are fairly easy to diagnose. Toilet is running Toilet is constantly filling The floor is wet I have condensation on my tank. These are fairly easy leaks because they are noticeable leaks. When a toilet is running it usually means you have a problem

Plumbers are Mechanical Detectives

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Plumbers are Mechanical Detectives Today’s plumbers have morphed into tech detectives. Plumbers are mechanical detectives armed with tools that assist in clue-seeking. We Know How to Deal With Today's More Efficient Equipment The problem with modern equipment is that as it becomes more efficient, it gets much more complicated to manage properly. Nowadays, all

Troubleshooting a Thermostat

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Thermostats can be very confusing even for a pro! A homeowner in Billerica, Massachusetts was having an issue with his Heating system which he believed to be related to the thermostat. Although after checking all connections I made sure that the thermostat was programmed to the client’s settings. This is important because thermostats come