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Our technicians are constantly training and learning new disciplines to properly serve our client base and stay ahead of the ever changing plumbing industry.

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30 Years of Experience in Plumbing Heating and Cooling and Thousands of Customers all across Massachusetts and beyond.

Gordon Gauntlett
Gordon GauntlettFounder
The owner of My Dear Watson has been in the plumbing, heating and cooling industry for nearly 30 years, working in the Middlesex County.

Homeowners start as customers and turn into clients calling My Dear Watson back to their home year in and year out. At My Dear Watson we stand behind our services for as long as you live in the home. We pride ourselves on doing quality work using time tested materials and equipment ensuring customer satisfaction. If and when problems arise, we take care and follow up in a manner that suits our client needs at that time. When emergencies arise My Dear Watson goes out at nights and weekends.

Our technicians are constantly training and learning new disciplines to properly serve our client base and stay ahead of the ever changing plumbing industry.

Gordon Gauntlett started his first plumbing and heating company in 1987 under the name Master Plumbing and Heating. Gordon sold the company to pursue another business adventure. When all was said and done, in 1997 Gordon started Gauntlett Building Services to incorporate all of his talents in the building business. All was great until the down turn in the economy affected the home renovation market. At this time, Gordon wanted to get back to his roots and start another mechanical based business in plumbing, heating and cooling. In 2009 Gordon created My Dear Watson, a division under GBS. This was something he could build and brand as a destination for homeowners who are looking for a mechanical detective. Since 2006 Gordon has aggressively pursued hands on training and business classes for the service market. My Dear Watson you’ve done it!

My Dear Watson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling was established in 2009 by Gordon T. Gauntlett Jr. With over twenty years of experience in the building trades Gordon is a master plumber and a licensed general contractor in the State of Massachusetts.

Licenses / Credentials :

• Master License #13308
• EPA Certification #PB5D44001943B8ENO
• Oil Burner Technician Certification #127967
• National Comfort Institute Carbon Monoxide Certified #C0601806
• NCI Air Balancing Certified #0709519

We Specialize in :

  • Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Oil Burner Service/ Gas Piping
  • Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing & Heating
  • Solar Space & Hot Water Heating

Recent Works

Recent Works


Our Customers Agree

“He was very professional and the service was excellent. I would recommend.”

Sarah, Concord, MA

“Gordon is a fantastic problem solver and expert HVAC business man. He is honest, competent, fair, and kind! He stays with the job until it is complete. Before initiating work, he describes the job in layman’s terms. He offers a full array of services. I cannot say enough about his skills and how he goes about his business.”

Mara Briere

“Helped me out of a jam within an hour of speaking to the owner. Couldn’t be happier with the service!”

Justin in Bedford, MA

“We were having a problem with our central HVAC and had spoken to a number of contractors who offered different solutions. Gordon came in on time and suggested a solution that took care of the problem. He was on schedule, very courteous and professional. His price was very reasonable – neither too high or low. I will definitely use him again and not hesitate to recommend him to my neighbors.”

Joe S. – Westford, MA

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