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Are you a person that is anxious about calling a Plumber? Or you don’t know who to call.
Or better yet how much will it cost me? Who can you trust?

Our technicians are constantly training and learning new disciplines to properly serve our client base and stay ahead of the ever changing plumbing industry.

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Meet Our Team

30 Years of Experience in Plumbing Heating and Cooling and Thousands of Customers all across Massachusetts and beyond.

Gordon Gauntlett
Gordon GauntlettFounder
The owner of My Dear Watson has been in the plumbing, heating and cooling industry for nearly 30 years, working in the Middlesex County.

Homeowners start as customers and turn into clients calling My Dear Watson back to their home year in and year out. At My Dear Watson we stand behind our services for as long as you live in the home. We pride ourselves on doing quality work using time tested materials and equipment ensuring customer satisfaction. If and when problems arise, we take care and follow up in a manner that suits our client needs at that time. When emergencies arise My Dear Watson goes out at nights and weekends.

Our technicians are constantly training and learning new disciplines to properly serve our client base and stay ahead of the ever changing plumbing industry.

Gordon Gauntlett started his first plumbing and heating company in 1987 under the name Master Plumbing and Heating. Gordon sold the company to pursue another business adventure. When all was said and done, in 1997 Gordon started Gauntlett Building Services to incorporate all of his talents in the building business. All was great until the down turn in the economy affected the home renovation market. At this time, Gordon wanted to get back to his roots and start another mechanical based business in plumbing, heating and cooling. In 2009 Gordon created My Dear Watson, a division under GBS. This was something he could build and brand as a destination for homeowners who are looking for a mechanical detective. Since 2006 Gordon has aggressively pursued hands on training and business classes for the service market. My Dear Watson you’ve done it!

My Dear Watson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling was established in 2009 by Gordon T. Gauntlett Jr. With over twenty years of experience in the building trades Gordon is a master plumber and a licensed general contractor in the State of Massachusetts.

Licenses / Credentials :

• Master License #13308
• EPA Certification #PB5D44001943B8ENO
• Oil Burner Technician Certification #127967
• National Comfort Institute Carbon Monoxide Certified #C0601806
• NCI Air Balancing Certified #0709519

We Specialize in :

  • Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Oil Burner Service/ Gas Piping
  • Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing & Heating
  • Solar Space & Hot Water Heating

My journey into the Plumbing Industry started by shear accident. I was a recent graduate from Bedford High School in May of 1983 and had been accepted to Wentworth Institute of Technology for their Air craft Mechanics course. It was two-year program which was going to cost me $16,000 dollars.
To help pay for my schooling I was going to need a summer job. I was hanging with friends when a van pulled up across the street. I asked my friend what the name of the gentleman was that got out of the van and what he did for work. My friend mentioned his name was Bob and he was a Plumber. My next question was do you think he is looking for help for the summer?
The following Monday I was heading out on my summer apprentice program as Bob’s helper. I believe that things happen for a reason even if you have a plan. I owned a motorcycle and during the summer I was taking it to a dealership for parts and accessories. It turned out that I knew the manager as one of my substitute teachers in high school. I mentioned that I was accepted to Wentworth for their Air Craft mechanics program and it was at that point that he mentioned he had three technicians in the shop and they all had completed similar programs and couldn’t find a job.
I had already started having second thoughts about going to school because I realized I liked Plumbing as well as I seemed to pick it up really fast.

I left working for Bob in early 1984 for a Master Plumber who I could apply for my apprenticeship and start accounting my hours to apply towards sitting for my Journeyman’s exam. Night school started that winter and I was on my way to becoming a Licensed plumber.

It seems as though what prompted me to become a Plumber was money and the economy. Although what kept me in the Industry was that I believed that I was gifted a talent that helps me understand mechanical systems and machines that provide comfort solutions to all that hire me.

A couple of years ago I acquired a mobile home that was in need of immediate plumbing repair, I called Gordon and he was on it immediately. He repaired and replaced all the problems plus more like installing my dishwasher, stove and extra leaks we found. From there we moved onto bigger and better as we wanted to do a complete renovation in my bathroom to make it completely handicapped for my disabled son. I hired Gordon as the main contractor and he was amazing getting everything done to perfection. I have and would recommend him to everyone I know.

Judy Marr

I sent a message with a picture of furnace part that needed repair and was scheduled within a couple days. I asked the price and was quoted in our correspondence. Gordon arrived on time, completed the work in an efficient, tidy, and pleasant manner. Bill was exactly as quoted. Highly recommend.

Tt Gismcc

Gordon is Fabulous. He is very responsive when you call and he is extremely knowledgeable about whatever plumbing issue you may have. I use and recommend him all the time.

Donna Ready

Gordon is a fantastic problem solver and expert HVAC business man. He is honest, competent, fair, and kind! He stays with the job until it is complete. Before initiating work, he describes the job in layman’s terms. He offers a full array of services. I cannot say enough about his skills and how he goes about his business.

Mara Briere

Gordon is awesome!

James Normington

What is the history of Plumbing
and where do I fit in?

Plumbing has been around since the Roman Empire which was 5,000 years ago. Due to the Dark Ages their discovery of aqua ducts and baths were lost for thousands of years. I believe this line of history is part of the reason that most homeowners believe that Plumbing is passed down through generations.
From Grand Father to Father then to son. Thanks to I was able to find out that my Grand Father was a Pipe fitter from the 1920’s through the 30’s. This was the height of the steam heat revolution in America. I couldn’t wait to share this news with my Father. Through my DNA it has given me a sense of direction that lead me to the Plumbing Industry.

If you keep reading you will find out what sets me apart from other Plumbers.

Starting in the early 2000’s I started on my business training phase of my career. I needed to start too understand what it cost me to provide all this experience and training to the Homeowner. I had to figure out how to charge a reasonable rate not only for the Homeowner but a fee that would allow me to stay
in business so I could be there for my clients through the years. When I was a young Plumber what was lost on me was the personal relationship that a homeowner has with their plumber. I knew that we all have a personal relationship with the person who cuts are hair or dose your nails or even who you bring your dry cleaning too. I didn’t see that I was same as them. I now honor and cherish each and every relationship I have with my clientele as not just a source of income but a personal relationship that I will always look out for my client’s best interest when it comes to their Comfort needs. Even if this does not directly lead to a financial reward for me. Buy understanding what it cost me to be in business I am being the most responsible to my clients so that through the years I or my company will always be there to help guide them through their Plumbing needs and wants.

What I look to achieve with all that call on me is a personal relationship built on trust in me and in the fact that I will do the right thing by my cliental. This usually leads to having the trust to call on us even when the homeowner is not home. We are given access to their most prized possession their home. This is not taken lightly. We honor the fact that we are trusted in a way that most all others are not. We will do everything on our power to never lose this trust.

It is not uncommon to find us in one of our client’s house during the day when no one is home and they have pets in the house. If it is possible, we will put the dogs out on the leash for a bathroom break and bring them back in before we leave. We try to have a relationship with the pets as well.

We try to be a source of information
not just for Plumbing.

When I meet clients on an estimate call on as part of a project, I let them know that if they need referrals for other sub-contractors or are looking for information regarding their home related to or not too plumbing. I try to be that source of information. Our over all objective is to be a problem solver and a thesaurus of information that they can call on as they need it.

Mission Statement

To enrich People’s lives with products and services through their Plumbing, Heating and cooling Comfort

Vision Statement:

  • We will provide the highest level of Plumbing, heating and cooling services in our industry to the highest extent of our ability.

  • We will protect the environment as well as the health, safety and comfort of the public and our clients.

  • We will conduct our individual operations to the highest professional standards.

  • We will faithfully fulfill all contracts.

  • We will provide the best possible client service at a fair price.

  • We will develop through continual study, the highest degree of knowledge in our industry.

  • We will provide opportunities for training. Employment, career advancement and economic security in a progressive manner to all those who apply themselves.

  • We will provide an environment that promotes integrity, honesty and team work.

  • We will provide and open-door policy to encourage input that will better our company.

  • We will provide proper tools, uniforms and vehicles to present a favorable image in out town and the communities we serve.