Non Stop Training

I can only hope we all say I’m not where I want to be yet!! That goes for me and My Dear Watson. I would like to thank all of my mentors, teachers, partners and colleagues who have helped me be a much better business man as well as the best mechanic I can be.

We are constantly trying to be better, that goes with me I mentioned back about all the specific training I had done prior to my revelation and I knew it was for a reason but at the time I didn’t know what. I had to trust in myself but more importantly my family around me and in a higher power.

I mention this not to turn anyone off but it has occurred to me through my journey that I had said from an early time that God had given me these gifts so that I would help people. It is with this mentality that I go forward with My Dear Watson as a vehicle to help myself and my family but as a vehicle to help others through my gifts that God gave me. If I use this as my compass for my business then I believe it will always keep me on the right path of why I do what I do.

The gifts that God Gave Me

How can I ask a client to trust me, if I have no form of higher trust to govern me; it will not only benefit me for now but in the future carry My Dear Watson forward. I want it to be what my companies??? I mentioned my son Gage earlier and it’s through the mouths of babes that we should learn. My son mentioned to me in frustration and a bit of anger that how could I be smart! I didn’t even go to college. It left me speechless! I know he is only seven but what do I say to him when he hears his mother and me talking about his older sisters going to school and how important we believe it is to their future.

We were driving and Gage was sitting behind me so he couldn’t see the look of exasperation on my face. I had to think and then it came to me. I have been going to school for more than half of my 30 years in the Construction business. Not only the hands on classes, the business classes and seminars; Gage was equating college with education and rightly so but how could I tell him that you never stop learning! Especially for a child that is only in his second year of school.

The solar Revolution

I had to look back at myself and remember when I was only seven years into my profession that I felt I had learned it all, that I could come and go in this profession and pick it up at any point and know what to do. This was a sobering experience not only would the industry pass me by it did. The technology has never moved faster than it is right now in our Industry it is my job and my responsibility as a business owner to stay up with it not only for myself but for my clients.

I have been working with a Solar professional over the last few years to be a part of this next Green initiative. I was fortunate to be a part of the earlier one in the early 80’s with school when my shop teacher Mr. Connolly choose me to build the three 8’x 3’ solar panels that would dawn the school court yard and help produce hot water for the school. The early eighties solar revolution that I was a part of was very short lived. Hopefully for all of us this time the revolution will far surpass what we thought possible a long time ago.