Shower Pan Repair in Lexington, Massachusetts

I had a service call in Lexington, Massachusetts regarding a challenging Shower Pan Repair. I had to pull out the glass shower walls and remove the two rows of tile down to the floor.
The tricky problem with this repair was I had to remove a tiled seat that came into the shower stall which was part of the tub surround tile and Granite curb.

This tile, stone and framing had to be removed for me to remove the copper pan which was leaking.

Challenge of Matching the existing Tile.

The other challenging factor was going to be able to match the existing tile. Not only in color but size. Tile after 10 years can be discontinued as well as changed in overall size.
Fortunately I was able to find the correct size tile but not the correct color.

Tricky Alterations.

Another tricky alteration was cutting the Granite curb in place to accept the new finish curb on the tub top surface.
Matching the granite was a bit tricky but we were able to reuse the curb cap and we matched the top deck cap almost perfectly.

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